Edge of the Sea

From the top of Pasumpahan Island, the ocean that separate Pasumpahan and main land look swim-able. Especially in such clear sky and pollution free sky of West Sumatra.

Edges of the Ocean

However, don’t be deceived by it. Look at the hut on the left, and the boat mooring in between. It is actually some serious strait to swim. Especially if you take into account the current.

Not something that is not swim-able though…..

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The Beach Reflection

With black instead of white sands, Parangtritis beach in South Yogyakarta might not qualify as picture perfect beach. It is also a bit dirty from natural and human made garbage. However, the gentle sloped beach allows the wave and surf to reach quite far inland, washing away some garbage. And in the perfect evening sunlight, the sea water turns the black sands into a mirror.

Beach Reflection

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The Remains of Olympic Games

The Rio Olympic Games 2016 will start in around 2 weeks. Upon realizing this, I was reminded to an article about the fate of building and facilities which were used as venues for Olympic Games. Some got re-purposed as apartments, or indoor garden. But most of the facilities left to decay due to enormous amount of money needed to maintain the facility. Some even witness the brutality of war, against the spirit of peace brought by modern Olympic Games.

Few years ago, I got a chance to visit Beijing National Stadium and Beijing National Aquatic Center, or often nicknamed “Bird Nest” and “Water Cube”. Beijing host the 2008 summer Olympic, and Beijing National Stadium was the venue of the opening and closing ceremony.

Beijing National Stadium

I came at night, and didn’t get a chance to go inside as the venue is already closed. Instead, we were presented with different color of lights that coming out from the Bird Nest. In the plaza right in front of it, people take pictures of the unique structures. Others just sit at the benches lining up the plaza, having a chat, drinks or dinner.

The Beijing National Aquatic Center, right next to Beijing National Stadium was also spectacular. Its bubble-like surface glowing with different colors of mostly blue and purple. Similar like Beijing National Stadium, many people crowd the plaza next to it for pictures

Beijing National Aquatic Center

Those two buildings, the Beijing National Stadium and Beijing Aquatic Center, are among the few survivors of Olympic Venues. Even in China, not all venues of 2008 Olympic survive the test of time. A waste, maybe. And I hope most of the venues in Rio 2016 Olympic will survive the test of time, just like The Bird Nest and The Water Cube

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Pine Forest of Bantul, Yogyakarta

Just in case you are wondering, the picture below is not some fungi viewed through a microscope.

Not Under Microscope

It is actually the peak of Pine Tree, pictured from its base on the ground.

Tall Pine Trees

The Pine Forest (in Bahasa Indonesia: Hutan Pinus) of Yogyakarta is located in Bantul, around 1 hour driving from Keraton (Palace). It has been lately major destination for people who just want to chill out, visitors who want to take good selfies, and amateur as well as professional photographers who do photo sessions, including pre-wedding.

And finally, just to give some perspective on how tall those Pine Trees are, look at the background of our picture below. Beware of falling pine.

Us and Pine Tree

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