Sultan Ahmed Mosque of Istanbul (Blue Mosque)

Inside the Blue Mosque

The nickname of Blue Mosque originated from the blue hue of sunlight coming from its windows. Unless you look up, you will be deceived by the red color of the carpet.

The official name of Blue Mosque of Istanbul is Sultan Ahmed Mosque. It was built by Sultan Ahmed I in 1600s, and serve as place to pray, as well as symbol of power of Ottoman Empire.

The Blue Mosque is still functioning as Mosque today. Men still come to pray 5 times a day, and also for the Friday Prayer.

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Evening at Malioboro

Just as the sun begin to set, the crowd started to gather at Malioboro Street. To anticipate the crowd, several food seller already set up their basket, ready to serve hungry stomach. They set up their baskets in a non-intrusive way at the wide pedestrian of Maliboro Street. And in case you pass through them, they will greet you and offer the food, with the signature smile of Yogyakarta.

Evening at Malioboro Pedestrian

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The Beach Reflection

With black instead of white sands, Parangtritis beach in South Yogyakarta might not qualify as picture perfect beach. It is also a bit dirty from natural and human made garbage. However, the gentle sloped beach allows the wave and surf to reach quite far inland, washing away some garbage. And in the perfect evening sunlight, the sea water turns the black sands into a mirror.

Beach Reflection

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Memory – BSP Farm Bogor

I have never considered myself an artist. Back in the high school, I was having trouble to draw simple form such as fruit, or vegetables. When I draw Durian, it looked like an hedgehog. I was so desperate that I finally asked a good friend of mine to help.

But beautiful serene place could probably trigger a hidden talent within yourself. I draw the picture below using my son’s crayon at BSP Fam Bogor. It is the drawing of the landscape, where there are green lush mountain, dirt path, and river flowing. Finally, the red roof building is where we spent a night.

Farm Drawing

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