Journey Onward

The only reason that there are less activity in this blog is that we are just taking 1 year hiatus from traveling. We just had a baby, and it is the best thing that happens in the last 12 months. So good that the travel bug also quite content until few months ago, when it finally can’t restraint itself. So, for the first traveling with baby experience, we booked a 7 days trip to Bali.

We are avid travelers. At least, we believe we are. We have been traveling with only 2 backpack without any hotel reservation. We book a hostel when we feel to stay, and book a coach to the next town when we don’t feel like staying. On another occasion, we took our parents to China, where none of us speak the language. But when it came to traveling with baby, we are junior, as junior as our 10 months old son.

The planning to travel with baby started few months back, but the fun really started 2 weeks before we fly out. Grace is, as usual, can’t make up her mind on which hotel we are going to stay. Not because concern about cleanliness and safety for the baby. Hotel in Bali is normally quite clean an convenient to our standard. It is due to a lot of selection, and the fact that she has not been traveling for more than 1 year make her want to stay at all of those fancy hotel. Two or three hotel at one night, if possible. The hotel was only settled 2 days before the travel date.

Another thing that need extra plan when traveling with baby is food. Pre-cooking baby food for 1 week is quite impossible from logistic and practicality point of view. Grace put up a plan to prepare some gravy and condiments that can be frozen and easily packed. Along the trip, we will buy fresh material that can be easily steamed or boiled. For that purpose, electrical boiler made it to our packing list.

The night before we depart, we started packing our stuff. I never thought that a baby that small will take so much space in our luggage. How big a 10 months old’s t-shirt can be? Then you add the electrical boiler, swimming pant, soap, shampoo, towel, and other nitty-gritty, and suddenly we walk out of the door with 2 luggage, 1 shared between me and Grace, and the other one exclusive for the baby.

The time spent waiting at the airport is uneventful. It was no more different like an evening in a shopping mall, and our 10 months old baby indeed enjoy the new scene. On one occasion, he was busy pushing the luggage around , inviting smile from fellow passenger. And in few more minutes, we are going to land in Bali. When the time come for boarding, I kind of expecting to be able to board first with the baby, but I think with low cost carrier, there are no such free convenience.

We are fortunate that the baby was not fussy during the take off before finally went to sleep. And to her credit, Grace really did a great job in planning our first trip with our baby, except for the frozen curry part.

Bali, on board QZ7522
October 2, 2012



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